Ziggy is a renowned teacher, facilitator and therapist.

Ziggy works across a number of fields – including Yoga, Meditation, Psychology and Performance –

and is dedicated to helping people live with more joy, meaning and freedom.

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It is my experience that through conscious attention and concerted effort,

we can greatly enhance our experience of ourselves and our lives.

My work is centred around increasing our self-awareness to be more clear,

decisive and effective in creating the life we want to live.

There are many ways in which we can do this, primarily working 1-1 and a tailored approach which suits you.

I believe we all know how we want spend our precious time on this planet,

sometimes we just need a little bit of support in getting there.

“I can’t thank Ziggy enough for the caring, meticulous teachings he has provided me. For anyone not sure about their direction in life or wants to live a more consistently fulfilling life, Ziggy is the person for you.”

“Ziggy’s innate ability - and desire - to go above and beyond for his clients and friends is something that you don’t often experience with the average person. When you pair that with his deep understanding of psychology and philosophy, the end result is a life changing experience.”

“Ziggy has a unique gift to hold space for others with a gentle presence and warm heart. He listens with a non-judgemental curiosity and helps bring new insights into the areas I usually get stuck. Since working with Zig I have become more trusting in myself and the journey I am on.”

“Ziggy is intentional, authentic and the words that flow through him are relatable as he shares from his own experience. Working with him has empowered me in my journey and to be a force for good in the world, and I am grateful for him being a living example.


My next major offering will be a 250hr Yoga Teacher Training and India Retreat in 2025!

Our uniquely curated training has been developed by a physiotherapist and psychotherapist, using the latest understanding of modern science while leaning into the traditional wisdom of Tantric Hatha Yoga.

This deep immersion into the science and technology of Yoga culminates with a Pilgrimage to India.



If you are interested in immersing in the roots of this ancient practice but don’t have the desire to learn the specifics of teaching, this offering is for you! 

Surrounded by the natural beauty of the River Ganga and the foothills of the Himalaya, this pilgramage will take you back to the core of both Yoga and yourself. 

We will visit sacred sites, practice traditional ceremonies with a Vedic master and practice daily in a unique and rarified way. 

If you want to learn more about Yoga, yourself and travel to India, this is the offering for you!


The Secrets of the Sakura, 23/5/24

The Secrets of the Sakura, 23/5/24

Cherry blossoms, or sakura, are one of the most famous sights in a country spoilt for natural beauty.

Not only is their opening emblematic of the close of winter – which in much of Japan is long, cold affair – but they are also woven through Japanese history and folklore…

The Koi Return, 5/4/24

The Koi Return, 5/4/24

Naturally, I reflect on my life back in Melbourne and Australia where we don’t have such obvious signs…Perhaps it’s because the four seasons of the Northern Hemisphere that we unquestionably adopted don’t suit our weather; that the seven seasons of the Wurundjeri or Bunnerong People would suit the cycles more appropriately.

The Pause Between Exhale and Inhale, 11/4/24

The Pause Between Exhale and Inhale, 11/4/24

So many of us may fear death as the nothingness that comes after life because we are so conditioned to see the lack, to focus on what was once there now being gone. We do this with the idea of our own ‘end’, the fear around the imagined idea of everlasting non-existence…

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