It is not hard for us to recognise the difference in our lives when we feel either full or devoid of purpose.

Most of us have at some point felt devoid of inspiration and lost in a sense of languishing.

Similarly, we know what it feels like when we are emboldened with a sense of meaning and drive; like we could do anything, like we are unstoppable.

Both the Yogic and Tantric traditions teach that purpose or Dharma is fundamental to a meaningful, happy life of freedom and joy.

Knowing our purpose is one thing – and a challenging one for most of us living in a culture which does nothing to foster an understanding of it – but realising it is another.

According to Tantra, to be active and effective in our lives we need power, or Prana. Through awareness of ourselves and our role in the evolution of the universe (Purpose) and through Sadhana (Practice), we generate this power to have the strength, capacity and understanding to create the life of our dreams.

This course has been shaped over the past few years from a number of trainings I have completed and the refinement of having taken dozens of people through it.

It draws on millennia-old philosophy and modern psychology to support you fully in your self-knowledge, elevating your sense of who and what you are and developing a personal practice to empower your radical evolution.

Across 10 weeks (1 hour per week), we will use Eastern and Western techniques to:

  • Uncover your Dharmacode (your soul’s unique purpose)
  • Create a Sankalpa (an intention to lead you closer to fulfilment)
  • Realise a Vikalpa (a sub-conscious belief that is blocking you from reaching your potential)
  • Come away with a Sadhana (a daily practice to support you in achieving the life of your dreams)
  • A few more surprises as we go through!

To read reviews of people who have gone through this process before, please read below.

I fundamentally believe that anyone who is serious about evolving their practice or life should seriously consider doing this work.

It has been more life changing than anything else I have done and I have seen its power with countless others since then.

To learn more about it or to book a free 30 minute consultation about whether it is right for you, please contact me here.

I hope you choose to walk this incredible path together and take these decisive steps towards the life you were born to lead.

“Ziggy has a unique gift to hold space for others with a gentle presence and warm heart. He listens with a non-judgemental curiosity that helps bring new insights into the areas where I usually get stuck.

Since working with Zig I have become more trusting in myself and the continuous journey that I am on.”

– Sam

“”In the past, I’ve invested in executive coaches to give me an edge in business and personal trainers to keep my body in shape, so when I wanted to create a daily meditation practice it made complete sense for me to invest in a meditation teacher.

Working with Ziggy helped me to get clear on why I wanted to develop a meditation practice and my why then became the impetus for the practice we created together.

What I loved most about working one on one with Ziggy is that we explored different types of meditation until I found one that resonated with me and enabled me to tap into my inner being.

My practice now has become a sacred daily ritual, one that truly nourishes my soul. “

– Claire

“Sometimes life can often be a real struggle to manage and seeking help outside of myself was often the best self care I could do. I felt that by having a support system in place would be so beneficial to my well being.

I know deciding to work one on one with Ziggy has been paramount in the development of my mindset and the ability to look at my life, my thoughts, my beliefs and navigate all of them with so much ease and grace. With his guidance we developed a practice that became a daily, nourishing devotion to myself and gently unfolded to change my life immensely.

Ziggy can hold you with his knowledge, his strength and a gentle heart to show you tools to support yourself through all life’s challenges.”

– Nikki

“I was drawn to Ziggy for personal coaching after experiencing the powerful meditation and movement he intuitively leads. He is intentional, authentic and the yoga philosophy that flows through him is relatable as he shares from his own journey. Working with him has empowered me in my journey and to be a force for good in the world, and I am grateful for him being a living example.”

– Elisha